Wybers Wood Academy Results 2016

 Subject and Key Stage 2016 Results %National
EYFSEYFS Good level of development7169.3
PhonicsPhonics Y19381
KS1Reading KS1 EXS +6374
 Reading KS1 GDS1324
 Writing KS1 EXS+6165.7
 Writing KS1 GDS1313.4
 Maths KS1 EXS+6572.8
 Maths KS1 GDS1717.9
 RWM EXS +5460.4
 RWM GDS +79.1
KS2Reading KS2 Average score101103
 Reading KS2 EXS+5666
 Reading KS2 HS1619
 Writing KS2 EXS+8273
 Writing KS2 GDS2814
 Maths  KS2 Average score104103
 Maths KS2 EXS+7270
 Maths KS2 HS1817
 GPS  KS2 Average score106104
 Grammar, punctuation and spelling EXS+7772
 Grammar, punctuation and spelling HS3322
 Reading Writing Maths Combined EXS+5452
 Reading Writing Maths Combined HS115
 Sufficient Progress Reading-2.30
 Sufficient Progress Writing1.40
 Sufficient Progress Maths-0.50