At Wybers Wood Academy, we aim to deliver a rich and varied curriculum which inspires all children to succeed. We also aim to increase participation in sports to enable our pupils to excel in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities.  Wybers Wood recognise that exercise has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others. It boosts confidence, improves health, increases concentration and reduces stress.  We provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires children to succeed.  We give children the skills they need to enable them to be physically active for a lifetime.

Within PE, we aim to:

1. Ensure that every child has the same opportunity to take part in a wide, varied and rich PE Curriculum.

2. Provide every child with the opportunity to take part in PE opportunities to ensure that they are physically active.

3. Ensure that all children develop their skills in all areas of the PE curriculum.

4. Ensure that all children play competitive sport in a fair and positive way, understanding the importance of winning, and losing, well.

5. Encourage all children to take part in extra-curricular clubs and the many opportunities that they are provided with to take part in competitive sport.

Our school follows a curriculum map to inform teachers which sports and activities will be covered throughout the school year for each year group at Wybers Wood Academy. Our curriculum maps have been designed to ensure that we are providing a broad and balanced program which meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for PE.