Wybers Wood Academy P.E.S.T 2017/18


We would like to introduce our P.E.S.T.(P.E. Support. Team) for the 2017/2018 academic year. Our P.E.S.T. are heavily involved in Intra-school competition and act as a pupil voice with regards to sporting academia at school. Their jobs include: monthly meetings with Mr Brown, regular officiating with regards to Intra-school competition; coaching during lunch times and representing the school at both level two and level three competitions. #WybersPEST 


Hi my name’s Melissa! I’ve been a P.E.S.T for one year. The class I’m in at the moment is year 6. My favourite sport is running. This year I want to be more adult like. I’m hoping as a P.E.S.T I’ll be a bigger help in tournaments, making them better than they have ever been before.

Hello my name is Joseph and I am 10 years old and currently in year 6. I have been a PEST for 2 years now. This year I want to get more kids playing sport and get involved in running competitions. #sports



 Hello Isabella I am 9 years old and I want to make all the children in the school like P.E and I am in year 5; I like dodgeball, swimming gymnastics. My favourite subject is P.E.


 Hello my name is Owen and I am in year 5 and I want to represent the school in a good way. I like P.E and Football, Dodgeball. I am happy to be a pest leader and go to completions and watch other people.

Hi my name is Oscar. I am 10 years old and are currently in year 6. As a P.E.S.T I would like to get more people playing and enjoying sport. My favourite sport is Football but I also like cricket.

Hi my name is Charlotte. I am 10 years old and I am in year 6. My favourite sport is basketball. I have never been a P.E.S.T. before but I have liked to be one. I would like to help people to get into sports.