Name: Janet Wood

Role: Chair of the AAB (Academy Advisory Board) for Wybers Wood Academy

It is a pleasure to serve on the AAB for Wybers Academy. I am a retired Headteacher and as such, I am happy to use my time and experience to support your child’s Academy. 

There are 10 AAB members who give their time voluntarily to support and challenge the plans which the Leadership Team make to ensure Wybers is the best school for your child/ren. We meet at least termly to look at, and help with, how the Academy is doing but most of us are also involved with school and help out in any way we can on a much more regular basis.

Wybers is a wonderful school with dedicated staff and hard-working, well-behaved children and it is great to be part of ‘Team Wybers’.

AAB contact – Mrs Janet Wood, Chair of the AAB can contacted on