The school has dedicated a ‘rainbow room’ to children with SEN to help them thrive & and achieve their goals in a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. Our son has really thrived since using this room and the school have gone above and beyond to help him settle by ensuring he has everything in place to be able to cope and really enjoy his time in the school environment.

Louie-Jay’s mum EYFS

The best thing about school is my teacher helping us push ourselves and expand our knowledge. 

Elizabeth Year 5

I love learning French because I enjoy learning about the culture of France and I love learning new languages. It has ignited a new fascination for me. 

Latrell Year 4

French is always fun. We have had Cultural Days too where we have had croissants and hot chocolate. We even got to go to John Whitgift and learn some Spanish. 

Maicey Year 6

Reading is like an adventure in my head!

The best thing about school is talking to friends and writing because it is fun to write and also my friends encourage me to do things to make myself better.

Rosie Year 5

The dining room is like a real restaurant now!

Ollie Year 5

Just wanted to let you know your students were fantastic. Their behaviour and enthusiasm was excellent. It was great to see them bouncing ideas off each other and attempting to problem solve . I look forward to seeing them next term . 

Maths teacher from JWA

Before family dining started, Tobias was always coming home with food left over and grumpy. Since family dining began, he eats all his lunch, is much happier and has even made some friends in year 5. I am delighted at the change of his eating habits and wanted to pass on my positive appraisal as I am so happy with the new lunchtimes.

Mum of Tobias Year 3