High School Musical Production April 2024

The words “We’re All In This Together” were being sung through the corridors of Wybers Wood in the lead up to the fantastic production of High School Musical. Since September 2023, 80 children from Years 1-6 have been rehearsing our third annual whole school musical. From our initial auditions, all children who took part supported each other from the very beginning, from cheering each other on during auditions to congratulating each other on their parts to giving each other support on and off stage, there was a real community feel with this show. All children loved taking part. Bobby and Libby took the lead roles of Troy Bolton and Gabriella and the audience followed their story of how they didn’t listen to their friends to “Stick to the Status Quo” but to follow their dreams and do what they want to do. Seren and Darren took on the roles of the villainous Sharpay and Ryan, which involved Seren having whipped cream pushed in her face at every performance. Alfie and Violet were Troy and Gabriella’s best friends who helped them achieve their dreams. The singing and dancing was absolutely brilliant and brought tears to many eyes. A special moment for all was when the younger children supported by some older children sang a slowed down version of “We’re All In This Together,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Feedback from the audiences was incredible.

Directed and produced by Mr Ballantyne, choreographed by Miss Anderson, supported by vocal coaches Mrs Edlington, Miss Allman and Miss Samy and with Miss Cassidy on props, sound and lighting, Wybers Wood’s production of High School Musical will go down in Wybers history as one of the greatest shows the school has ever seen!  

Since September 2022, 40 Children from years 2-6 have been rehearsing the second annual whole school musical, Oliver! Directed and produced by Mr Ballantyne, the performers came along to the initial auditions where they supported each other from the very beginning. Over the last few months they worked incredibly hard with Mr Ballantyne, his light, sound and props manager, Miss Cassidy and vocal coach Mrs Edlington, to ensure they put on an amazing show. There were lots of tricky lines and songs to learn and even some scary bits but that didn’t stop them!  From giving up their lunchtimes, playtimes and even days in their holidays, the performers have been so committed to the show. There were stunning solos from Daisy who played Oliver, Rosie who played Nancy, Seren who played Widow Corney and Lily who played Fagin. Alfie scared everybody (especially Mr Ballantyne!) with his performance as the villain Bill Sykes. But there were also some comedy moments from Jack who played The Artful Dodger and Ethan as Mr Bumble. In fact, all children deserve a mention as we are incredibly proud of them all. After two performances to the rest of the school and adults, the big day finally arrived on Wednesday 29th March 2023. Two performances were held in our school hall and the acting and singing was phenomenal. The children knew when to enter and exit the stage, they knew when they needed to mic themselves up with our brand new professional microphones and how to navigate themselves through the audience to perform some of the songs. Some people might have found being that close to the audience scary but not the children of WWA – they took it in their stride. Feedback from parents and other adults has been out of this world and although we will miss our Year 6 performers we hope they will come back and support us in training up our next generation of stars. Keep an eye out in September for news on our 2024 musical, High School Musical!

Oliver! Production

Bradley Speech Festival – On Saturday 11th February 2023, 12 of our pupils entered the local speech festival. We entered two classes and came away with 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class! We competed against several other pupils from different schools. Well done to all of you as you made Mrs Rouse and Mrs Purdon very proud!

Young Voices – On Thursday 9th February 2023, we took 88 children from Years 3 and 4 to Sheffield Arena to take part in Young Voices. We had an absolutely amazing time and got to sing some wonderful songs as well as watch some other amazing artists Click on the links to take you to our Twitter page. https://t.co/ODI8WLczGu https://twitter.com/deltawyberswood/status/1623940265412001795?s=46&t=ytp5hCYpEaM3K4IBhwuQ3g

Music – Would you like your child to learn a musical instrument or join our choir? We currently offer guitar and piano tuition, but other instruments are available. Please contact Mrs Rouse if you would like your child to start learning. If your child receives pupil premium funding, your virtual purse can be used towards these lessons. Choir is free to all pupils from Y1 upwards.

Manor Lakes – 11th – 14th June 2021

On Friday 11th June, Years 5 and 6 travelled down to Norfolk for a weekend of fun, team building, water sports and excitement.

They took part in activities such as high ropes, kayaking, paddle boarding, rifle shooting, a sensory trail and rock climbing.

We were so lucky because the weather was amazing! Perfect for wet, outdoor activities.

All the children who went loved the activities, especially pushing the teachers off their paddleboards!