‘We are a listening school’ ‘Every voice matters’ ‘We help make decisions about our school’

Our JLT is based on a whole school approach. It is a partnership between JLT, teachers, SLT and the AAB.  We are working together to make our school a safe and happy place where we can all achieve our best. 

What is the JLT?  The JLT is the Junior Leadership Team, consisting of representative members voted by their peers. Every class has a meeting where children share their ideas and suggestions. The two class elected representatives bring the important issues to JLT meetings which are held every two weeks, supported by Mr Ballantyne.  Everyone gets a copy of the minutes and suggestions are put forward to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and the AAB (Academy Advisory Board). 

What are the qualities of a JLT Member?  Be a good listener -committed/ trustworthy/ helpful/ honest/ reliable/ able to work as part of a team.