Attendance Figures updated 28.03.24

Our current year to date attendance is: 96% (12.03.2024) This is currently the 3rd highest in all Delta Academies.
National expectation is 96% and this is the minimum we strive for in each class throughout the school.

School has a statutory duty to keep your child safe which includes knowing where they are if they are not in school. We appreciate that children are sometimes genuinely ill so if your child is going to be absent due to illness, please inform the office by 8:40am on every day of absence. If you do not contact the office, school will ring you followed by every contact number we hold for your child until we speak to somebody. If your child is absent for two consecutive days and we are unable to contact anybody, we will visit the family home in order to ensure that your child/ children are safe and well. If we are still unable to contact a named contact then we may call 101 in order to seek the police’s assistance in locating the family.

Rewards for Good Attendance and Punctuality
At Wybers Wood Academy, we recognise the importance of good attendance and punctuality and as a result we reward the children in the following ways:
Weekly mention about attendance in the Monday assembly
All pupils with 100% attendance for that term are entered into a raffle to win a £20 Argos voucher
Annual reward for all children who manage to achieve 100% for the entire school year

Punctuality – arriving at school on time
School opens its doors at 8:45am. Registration begins at 8:50am and ends at 9:00am. If your child arrives after 9:00am, they will be marked as L in the register, which means they are late. If they arrive after 9:20am, they will be recorded as U and this results in an unauthorised absence for the morning, which affects your child’s attendance. You will receive a letter, a home visit and be invited to a support meeting if we are concerned about the number of lates your child has.
Wybers Wood has a breakfast club and all pupils are welcome. The breakfast club opens at 7:30am and provides your child with a healthy breakfast and the opportunity to develop their social skills. You may find that regular attendance at breakfast club may help improve your child’s punctuality. Please contact Tracey Franklin at  

Unavoidable Medical Appointments
We appreciate that some children have unavoidable medical appointments during term time such as speech and language or hospital appointments. All we ask is that you provide a copy of the appointment letter. Although we cannot mark a child present who is attending an unavoidable medical appointment, if these are their only absences, 100% rewards will not be affected.

Holidays during term time
Holidays during term time will not be authorised, unless there are exceptional circumstances. An Education Penalty Notice may be requested from the local authority. If you are planning to remove your child from school to take them on holiday, please complete a Leave of Absence form, available from the office or below. Please be aware that if you do not complete a Leave of Absence form or inform school that you are taking your child on holiday but school has good reason to believe they are absent due to holiday, then an Education Penalty notice will still be requested.

A Leave of Absence Form is available here.

The Penalty is £60 per parent per pupil and if not paid within 21 days this will increase to £120. Failure to pay the full amount within 28 days will result in a summons to appear in the Magistrates Court.  

Did you know… 96% attendance is: 8 days absence per year from school the equivalent to 11 weeks missed over 7 primary school years

95% attendance is: 10 days absence per year from school 70 days or 14 weeks missed from a child’s primary school education

90% attendance is: 19 days absence per year from school 133 days (almost 3/4 of a school year) missed over their primary school career